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Commonly Asked Questions

Why don't I see Truth Truth Lie on my Home screen?!

TTL is designed as an iMessage app. To play, use it with Apple Messages on iOS 11. Learn how here.

Do my friends need TTL to play?

Nope! Not to play Video mode. Only the person making the video needs to have TTL. The app makes a video that you send via iMessage or MMS, so anyone can play.

For Text mode, each player will need TTL. Get it for iMessage here.

Can I record in landscape?

TTL only supports recording video in portrait at this time.

Why do I have to re-record videos after leaving TTL?

The videos are erased when the app closes. It's a known issue, and will be reviewed at a later time.

How many megabytes is a TTL video?

A typical TTL video is between 10 MB and 18 MB. The actual number may be more or less depending on various factors including duration and complexity of the video. Note: standard messaging and data rates may apply based on your plan with your mobile phone carrier.

How does Text mode work?

One player creates a new TTL quiz with two truths and a lie as text. Shuffle or drag-and-drop, and then Send to a friend. The recipient(s) get the message, and then either tap it to open the app or to download from the iMessage App Store. Guess which one is the lie, and use Hints to eliminate the wrong answers.

For users who aren't updated to iOS 11 or are using Android (or some other phone OS), they won't be able to play. Only iPhone or iPad on iOS 11 can play the TTL app.

We're evaluating bringing it to other platforms, but have no plans currently to do so. But you can follow us on Twitter and let us know if you want to see it!


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